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One fantastic peek envelope from JM Cervier

The Social Prediction

A genius Facebook prediction from Debjit Chaudhuri


A devious peek envelope - from Thaddius Barker

Our Newest Creators

Unknown Mentalist

"Unknown Mentalist" is a prolific thinker and creator. His work has been praised by the best in the business, including Marc Salem, Richard Osterlind, among others.

Thaddius Barker

Thaddius is a clever creator, with one killer peek envelope.

For Creators


Skyward Magic brings you magic, mentalism, and marketing services directly from creators around the world.  Here, you can support the creators, rather than the industry.

Creator Benefits:

  • 80% royalty rate (no other company offers this much)
  • Payment processing and fulfillment is provided
  • File hosting is provided
  • Access sales statistics
  • We set up your store page
  • Payments are sent out on request – there is no minimum balance required to receive a payment
  • Free to become a vendor, and no fees.

Become a Vendor

Want to sell your magic or mentalism on Skyward Magic?  (You’ll get a 80% royalty!)

Here’s how:

  1. Click Here and then click “Register”
  2. Fill in the required sections
  3. And follow the next steps
  4. Send us an email asking to become a vendor:
  5. We’ll get you set up
  6. It’s quick and painless, we promise!
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