Hidden Thoughts

Apologies to everyone from the Facebook Bizarre Magick group who had to wait a couple weeks to see this.  My intention was to get the files sent out to everyone individually, but that’s because I only expected maybe ~10-20 people to see my offer.  Welp, it might’ve been the “call to action” in the post, or the “group expert” badge next to my name, or the promise of value…. I don’t know…. but I got 130+ people who were interested in this series.  And then I got Covid.  And that profoundly sucked.

So instead of sending out files individually and personally, I made this page, where you can view & download the files, if you wish.  


There is a part of a puzzle in here.  It’s the key.  If you find it, you’ll have an advantage.


This is a series of PDFs I started writing back in 2013, directed towards the “Bizarre” and “serious performer” circles:  the people who looked at Magic, with a capital “M” as something which could be used for something more than entertainment.  Which is not to say that it should always be used as such, but there are times when I see – too often – magicians say “they only aim to entertain, and everyone else should do the same.”  That rhymed. 

I created the “Hidden Thoughts Series” to give glimpses into my chaotic brain-bucket, things I’ve created, pondered, been inspired by, and struggled with on my journey Skyward.  I hope these pages will be appreciated by other performers who see the greater possibilities of Magic.