Frank’s Ghost


You MUST have a full head of hair to perform this effect!
Frank’s Ghost is a fascinating story telling effect whereby you express that when you were young you had an endearing and charismatic uncle named Frank. You state that as a young man you always grew your locks too long and Uncle Frank was constantly brushing the hair out of your eyes. Uncle Frank was a great mentor for you and when he passed away it was very difficult to deal with, as is the case with any love one.
But there was a note that Uncle Frank left that read he would always be there watching over me – no matter what. As the performer is telling the story, while the spectators are looking at him, all of a sudden his hair on the top of his head swifts visually, instantaneous with no explanation and as such there is no question Uncle Frank was right! This is an incredibly eerie presentation of lost souls that still remain and are looking after their own. As stated above, in order for this effect to work you will need a full head of hair and one additional gimmick that is readily available in the magic world.


Frank’s Ghost is an original creation from the demonic mind of Bill Montana and one of his colleagues. It can be one of the most real and chilling effects you will ever perform! This effect can be performed virtually anywhere and is suited perfectly for paranormal and seance work. In short this ebook will teach you the powerful and yet simple secret behind this remarkable effect – which chances are you already own, and if not the extra gimmick is readily available.

Frank’s Ghost
 has only been shared with a small group of professionals – until now. This ebook will lay out the direction and technique for performing this effect and as stated above you will require what is often called a ‘staple’ in magic to execute this effect as well.


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