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Dear Friend,

It is the absolute truth that a big mind and a bigger heart are the real benchmarks of true value, especially in our beloved and cherished art form. Hype, although more prevalent, is surely temporary. My grateful thanks to all of your big minds and big hearts for supporting my releases although I am an absolutely unknown mentalist.

It is my honest belief that the price of my each release is lower than its true value. At least that is the intention. However, the real potential of my each release will be fully realized only when you enjoy learning it, give pleasure and happiness to your audience by performing it and yourself gain satisfaction from that experience.

I may be ‘unknown’. But I am definitely not ‘unavailable’. Please feel free to mail me on unknownmentalist1@gmail.com for any discussion, clarification, suggestion, contention or appreciation. I will be happy to help.

Warm Regards,

U n Me

Richard Osterlind on Unknown Mentalist: “I really enjoy the way he thinks. I always look forward to seeing his latest creations and the clever originality he puts into them. His work shows his love of mentalism and his capacity for thinking outside the boundaries.

Marc Salem on Unknown Mentalist: “The unknown mentalist may be unknown, but he has plenty to say, and all of it is good…inspired. He should, and deserves to be known. No doubt in my mind, this man is a genius. Virtually everything he produces is impossible. I am in awe of his attention to detail and proliferation of useful thought.

Marc Paul on Unknown Mentalist: “He is a well of creativity that seems to have no end! Over the last few years he has published some really great ideas and routines.”

Paul Romhany on Unknown Mentalist: “I am becoming a huge fan of the Unknown Mentalist as he is creating some really practical and clever products. He is a great example of a working performer and a great thinker.

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    • This is a completely propless method for zodiac sign divination. You do not even need a pen and a paper. And the participant is not required to write or speak anything at all. The entire process takes less than a minute. To top it all, it is very easy to learn and perform. "Subtle, yet effective method to divine a…
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