Mind Spark 1


This is a completely propless method for zodiac sign divination. You do not even need a pen and a paper. And the participant is not required to write or speak anything at all. The entire process takes less than a minute. To top it all, it is very easy to learn and perform.

Subtle, yet effective method to divine a zodiac sign or with a bit of creativity, other things. I will use it.” – MARC SALEM

It is very clever. I like the idea. I sincerely appreciate clever thinking even when it is not something within my own performance style. Good luck with this.” – RICHARD OSTERLIND

I like it a lot. As always I like how your take on this principle making something more personal giving also a meaning to it. Well done my friend!” – LUCA VOLPE

This is another great effect from The Unknown Mentalist. A clever principle is explored further to create a pure prop-less effect. This is well worth knowing.” – MARC PAUL


The simplicity of the principle is, at the same time, its true power and also its true disguise. This is a really cool method to have in your arsenal and can be performed impromptu anytime, anywhere to anyone. No Progressive Anagrams. No Branching Anagrams. No Math. No Dual Reality. No Reframes. No Verbal Jugglery. No Stooges. No Instant Stooges.
If you want, you can also apply this system to divine the birth month of a participant. Or for that matter anything which has 12 variables. You can have a lot of fun learning and performing this.