A spectator cuts any amount off the deck, they can cut more, or put some back, it is completely their choice, yet you always have control over which card they settle on. Alternatively, they can name any number, and you have control over the card in that position.

What you will learn:
-Origins of the technique
-The workings involved
-How to use this as a peek (and a performance idea that uses this peek)
-How to convince spectators that you are not just doing “tricks”.
-Thoughts on forcing cards
-Two additional routines: “Mate-At-Any-Number” and “Triumphant Case”.

“Mate-At-Any-Number” is exactly as it sounds: a spectator names a number, and that number is dealt to, and the card is placed on the table. You count again to that number, and place that card on the table. You turn both cards over, and they match! Note: you do NOT have previous knowledge of what number they will name.

“Triumphant Case” is a “Triumph” effect, mixed with a transpo and a four-of-a-kind production, that all works on the basic technique of “Flipperoo”.