The Book of Light


Magic, Mentalism, and Mysticism Volume 1

– 6 Complete Routines
– Additional Ideas
– Multiple Ploys


I got to say there is some brilliant thinking in this new work.” – Bill Montana

Great book, extremely detailed and thought through ideas. Provocative and engaging premises! Recommended!” – Ben Cardall

Description: Six powerful pieces of wonder, each of which includes additional thoughts and ideas. These pieces affect people. You will learn new techniques, applications, and approaches to performing, but more importantly, you will learn how to connect with the audience – how to give them a cherished experience of true magic. Welcome to the first volume of the Magic, Mentalism, and Mysticism series: The Book of Light.

Stone of Remembrance – You place a sealed envelope in view, and guide the participant through a meditation exercise. Tell them to imagine becoming a stone on the bottom of a river bed, and that the core of the stone is actually their birthstone. When they go home, they open the envelope and inside there is a slip of paper on which their birthstone is written. You do not have previous knowledge of their birthday, and you do not switch envelopes. An additional idea is explained, where the participant correctly divines your birthday, by moving their hand over the backs of cards, as well as an original method of forcing.

The Angel’s Gift – You describe a dream where an angel presents you with a flower. You ask the participant to imagine the situation as in your dream, and they imagine an angel giving them the same type of flower. You do not tell them beforehand what kind of flower the angel gave you.

A Time to Remember – Two participants (whom you have never met before) are each given an object that once belonged to someone close to you. One participant is able to tell who the previous owner was, and their occupation. The other is able to feel when that person’s wife was born, based on the card that called to them in a deck. Both participants are able to feel the exact time the person was born. There is a prediction on one of the cards in the deck (written 1 year previous) that says you will meet the two participants (including their names) on this date.

The Forest – They concentrate on a very powerful memory. You then tell a story of walking through a forest destroyed by a wildfire, which becomes symbolic of their memory. They allow their memory to fill their being, and they feel it coursing throughout them. Their hands get heavier and their fingers tingle as the memory takes physical form and drops into your empty hands.

Inspire – You are able to predict the name of an important person in the participant’s life, whom you have never met before, as well as provide an accurate reading of the participant based on a dream you had one week previous. If you would like, you can also influence the participant’s dreams.

Paths of Light – The Participant thinks of a special person in their life, and then selects a playing card that is shown to represent a quality of them. You take some moonlight from the sky and place it in their heart. They channel it down their arms and onto the face of the card, leaving them with a beautiful symbol of the light to be found in darkness.