Minimalist Thoughts


Learn 3 killer card effects, that will leave your audience is awe!

4 x 4:  4 random cards change into a named 4-of-a-kind!
Hallucinations:  A mystery card appears to change into each spectators’ selection… except reality proves otherwise.
Big Mac:  A sandwich effect, using the 4 Aces

These are very easy to perform, and require only basic card-handling skills.  In addition to the effects, Jesus also provides detailed descriptions, video, and history of the techniques.

Each effect is entirely clean, and can be performed with a shuffled deck.


4 x 4:  4 random selections change into 4 different cards, matching the named value
Hallucinations:  2 selections are made, and mystery card is placed face-down.  You are able to convince the spectators that the participants have hallucinated seeing the mystery card as their own.  In fact, they each picked the same card!
Big Mac:  A sandwich effect, where the 4 Aces and 2 selections are placed in different parts of the deck.  With a snap of the fingers, the deck can be spread and the 2 selections have become sandwiched by the Aces.

In addition to the routines, this PDF also includes the psychological subtleties which allow you to find those magical moments, making your performance into something truly special.


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