Vile Crystal


This crystal changes from cloudy-white to black.  You do not need to touch it:  the change can be done in the hands of the participant, or on the table, or in a box, pouch, glass, etc.

This can be used as a visual representation of thought-transfer, a spirit entering a room, transfer of energy, removal of demons, hallucinations, etc.  It is a mystical object intended for use in demonstrations of real power, not for mere entertainment or eye candy.

Each set comes with 2 crystals, an explanation of how to use it, applications, and performance tips.

The video below shows the change from white to black, and as you will see, it is a gradual change.  The video quality does not do it justice – the start & end color is far more clear in person.

You can perform this indoors or outdoors.

Each set includes 2 crystals.

The price includes shipping.

Only 33 sets will be made.

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