The Mystic Orb


The Mystic Orb

The mentalist creates a magical ball (orb) of energy in his hands.

The orb is invisible, yet once created, the mentalist places the ball into the hands of a spectator who can then feel the weight of this mystic orb.

The knowledge contained in this short work is based in new age energy work, ideas contained herein are for creating this experience and the support and confidence to understand that this kind of effects WORKS if you create the correct scenario. With friends that know you as a ” trick man” probably wouldn’t work.


Completely impromptu, no gimmicks BUT isn’t for everyone and any time, no because you need some preparation but because the participants needs a specific state of mind to really connect with this experience. As you could imagine, this effect use suggestion and other knowledge that you can get in this short 7 pages eBook.

If you create the proper scenario ( even in a psychic or metaphysical setting) this can create a great experience for your participant/client and great reputation .

Plus as a special bonus you will get an mp3 audio file of this work read by Carly Risenhover



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