Harmonizer is a wonderful pocket meta-mentalism pocket card item that is easy to make and easy to use. In fact it’s practically self-working.
What does it do?

It improves the taste of beverages.

Harmonizer is one of the pieces I use all of the time and it’s mind blowing. It’s also easy to do.


This work comes with an audio program that was done to help explain some of the complexities of this work, plus it comes with a short PDF which contains additional information and printable files so you can make this wonderful item for your own use in your shows and lectures.

The concept, construct, and application has not appeared in the magical and mental literature before and this work is new. I have explained this effect on occasions in audio programs or live lectures but never in a version that is this complete.   While the effect is nearly self-working, its back story is complex. All is revealed and explained on Harmonizer. There are even a couple of variations explained as well. -Bill Montana


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