Color Works


At last, a color match which works, won’t break the bank, and can be used anywhere.

This is a series of 3 methods, allowing you to perform a “color match” effect.

“That is super clever” – Peter Turner

There are 7 routines included:
– 5 from me
– and 2 from Peter Turner

The popular marketed versions of this kind of effect require the use of magnets, electronic receivers, thumpers, or impractical devices which are cumbersome to carry around.

With Color Works, the methods are sure-fire, tested & refined, and practical for any performing environment… and everything you need fits in your pocket.

Reset is nearly instant. And you can prep/reset right in front of people, without them realizing what is going on.


Routines included:

Liar/Truth-teller (you know who picked which color/utensil, and who the liar is – this can go off in so many directions)
“Draw Me a Tree” (handwriting analysis)
“Makayla’s Revenge” (a true story of a joke I played… and the re-“percussions” 😉 )
“ESP Replication” (you know the order in which they drew the symbols & which color was used for which)
“Journey Across the Shore” (a drawing duplication, inspired by Phedon Bilek)
“The Picasso Trick” (your drawing matches theirs, complete with the correct colors), from Peter Turner
“The Soda Hustler” (a lie/truth test), from Peter Turner

You don’t have to use all sharpies:  you could use a sharpie, an expo marker, a pen, and a pencil, if you prefer.