This envelope allows you to peek a billet or card in a quick, smooth, and natural motion.  It is easy to make and easier to use, and there is no fumbling required.

Key Points:

– The envelope is opaque on both sides and the spectator can see this for themselves.
– Terrific angles
– Easy to make (5 minutes or less)
– Quick and clear peek

Demo Below

This is a powerhouse tool for every mentalist’s arsenal.

Welcome to Telemos.


Telemos is a peek envelope that looks innocent because it is innocent. Despite the power it offers, it is extremely simple to make as well as to use. You can freely focus on your presentation, knowing that your participant could examine the envelope without seeing anything unusual.

It will take you five minutes to make and costs almost nothing, requires no special equipment, requires no skill to make nor to use.

You will receive:
– two demonstration videos, one from the audience perspective and the other as a performer’s view,
– two patterns to print depending on whether you use business cards or playing cards,
– an illustrated PDF document containing all the instructions necessary for the making and use of the Telemos envelope.